Whether you shout “Deus Vult!” “Odin owns you all!” or “Ei! Ei!…Oh!” (thanks http://www.artofmanliness.com/2015/06/08/battle-cries/), you are sure to have fun in For Honor… As long as you don’t suck.


Simply put, its because the game requires more skill and level-headedness than others. Defeating your foes requires more than a modicum of quick reflexes, as you’ll need to pay attention to where your opponent is attacking from, where you’re blocking, will you parry, your stamina level, your opponent’s stamina level, where you’re standing, where they’re standing, environmental hazards, other enemies (f*** gankers though, seriously), and – oh shit you just got guard broken and thrown off of a cliff. GGWP.


Yeah, I know, right!? WHAT? While you’ve been analyzing all of that data, your opponent chose the cheapest way to 1-hit KO you. So if you want to learn to survive and maybe even get a kill, better git gud, and fast.


It’s simple, actually: Practice. If your reflexes aren’t up to snuff, simply play against some bots or friends or do the practice modes to hone your skills. If you want to learn the movesets of the various heroes, go into the campaign as each chapter lets you play as most of the heroes (or practice if you’ve bought the hero you want to practice with). If you want to work on your environmental awareness, I’d also recommend the campaign as the objectives will constantly take you to new places with new hazards and layouts, forcing you to adapt.


Now that you’ve honed your skills, go kick some ass.


Yeah, that’s the game. It could be summarized as Rainbow 6: Siege, with 3 factions and with melé weapons only. The single player is nice and gives you the skills and lore of the land to bring into the online PvP mode, which is the game’s core focus. You’re ready to own some scrubs and still get pushed off of cliffs.


Yes, you will constantly get thrown off of edges. Get used to it or avoid those situations. The game will be really frustrating if you don’t learn from your mistakes à la Dark Souls series. It’s a lot of fun – even when you lose – if you get good because you understand why you lost, and it should push you to change it up and work harder to be better. The only thing you need is a solid internet connection as the game must always be connected, even for the campaign.



TL;DR: git gud to have fun, stay bad stay mad.

Side notes: as of writing this I played the Open Beta, played a fraction of the campaign, played several online matches and watched countless videos. I know what I’m talking about. I have the game on PS4, love it (always loved medieval times, and as a martial artist appreciate the samurai, vikings are OK too), and recommend you read reviews and watch videos if you are on the fence about getting the game to get a better understanding of the pros and cons.

Image retrieved from http://www.online-games.co/video/watch.php?vid=24121c616