For Honor will be pushing out 3 DLC packs, delivering 2 new heroes for each pack along with maps and game modes, with Season Pass holders getting early access, but all heroes/maps/game modes will be available to all eventually. It seems already, there have been leaks of what the first two heroes will be AND will look like.


These images confirm the rumours people had started upon viewing the Season Pass, wherein there were silhouettes of two never before seen warriors.


There are references to the Centurions in the Knights campaign; Apollyon discusses legions of Centurions in some of the campaign observables (sources:  So it seems sort of fitting that a Roman soldier would be aligned with medieval knights. Sort of.  The Centurion would likely be armed with a Gladius, but it does not look like he has a shield. If I’m honest, he reminds me of a slightly more generic version of that big guy in Gladiator that Maximus refuses to execute, just with more armour on.


That guy. Probably cause of the face mask.


Much more fitting is the Ninja, an ancient Japanese master of ninjutsu and stealth. There isn’t a whole lot I can say here, he makes sense. Although many saw the Orochi the “Ninja” of the Samurai faction, he was still a Samurai despite his agility and maneuverability. My one problem with this: Orochi players are already cancerous pricks that run from every fight, how bad will the weebs be once they get a hold of the Ninja?


Instead of these new heroes fitting IN a faction, what if there was a NEW faction; MERCENARIES.  It allows Ubisoft to be a little more lenient and free to experiment and branch out by not having heroes confined to a predetermined faction, meaning we could see Atzec warriors clubbing Turkish Janissaries amidst the battlefield.  In the 7-year long battle the multiplayer represents, the factions could grow desperate and seek outsider help? This also would allow for more diverse maps to throw enemies off of ledges in.


The game is based on the whole “Knights vs. Vikings vs. Samurai” schtick, and adding in other factions, even as “Mercenaries” may throw that off. Already, people are claiming the Centurion as a “left turn” for Ubisoft (source:  It makes sense, but at the same time I don’t think it fits incredibly well. Not to mention, having 3 factions with 4 heroes and 1 additional with 6 might seem a little out of place to some.

TL;DR: New toys don’t always fit (giggity)